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About LordLabz


Our Aim

The aim at LordLabz is to give our clients a full service within blockchain from creation of Cryptocurrencies to NFT curation. We are able to take you from the start of your projects journey through to launch and beyond. With our expertise in many fields within the industry no matter what point your project is at we can assist you to go further.


Our Goal

Our goal is to help build your project and maximise the brand awareness for your product, deliver a safe, audited project and provide a mix of modern and traditional marketing in different forms, from the use of social media through to written articles, project partnerships, collabs with VIPs and much more. We offer powerful campaigns to help existing or new projects with market saturation for product launch, or to showcase mints, upcoming reveals and airdrops. We can provide fully customized MetaVerse Parties for those projects that are looking to go next level and showcase their product to the world with Live DJs, Twitch streaming in full on web3 party mode..


Our Expertise

LordLabz is a collective of professionals skilled in development for smart contracts, front end, back end creation and website dapp integration. Token creation, tokenomics, contract deployment and launch. NFT minting, NFT collection curation, deployment and launch. Marketing and promotions, article writing, editing, publishing, social media content, socials algorithms, art creation, video and graphics design, website creation or editing, custom NFT comic books and more.


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LordLabz Services

Media Promotions

Boost your brand with captivating media promotion strategies. We offer dynamic campaigns, influencer partnerships, viral content, and targeted advertising.

MetaVerse Parties

Unleash the power of metaverse parties as a marketing marvel. Engage audiences with virtual reality experiences, interactive branding, and viral social campaigns.

VIP Collabs

Elevate your project through exclusive VIP collaborations. Forge partnerships with influential individuals and brands to unlock unparalleled exposure and elevated prestige.

Investor Pitch

Attract investors with a captivating pitch. Highlight your vision, growth potential, and unique value proposition for strategic partnerships and funding.

Guerrilla Marketing

Unleash the power of guerilla marketing. Break conventional boundaries, ignite curiosity, and create buzz-worthy campaigns that captivate audiences and drive brand recognition.

Community Growth

Fuel your community's growth through strategic initiatives. Foster engagement, cultivate meaningful connections, and empower members to create a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.

Project Advisor

As project advisors, we leverage our marketing expertise to provide strategic guidance, market insights, and actionable recommendations for optimal project success.

Project Partnerships

Forge transformative project partnerships that propel growth. Collaborate with industry leaders, leverage synergies, and unlock new opportunities for innovation and market dominance.

Custom NFT Comic Series

Embark on an extraordinary journey with a custom comic series. Immerse audiences in captivating storytelling, visually stunning artwork, and unforgettable characters.

Video Production

Ignite your project story through compelling video production. We create captivating visuals, engaging narratives, and seamless editing to deliver impactful messages and drive audience engagement.

Website Development

Transform your project online presence with expert website development. We craft visually stunning, user-friendly websites that captivate visitors, drive conversions, and elevate your brand's digital identity.

Web3 Contract Creation

LordLabz's professional developers can assist with everything from custom smart contracts, custom dapps and website integration.

Behind LordLabz

Arron Brown aka @BoredChairman

Founder, CEO


Website & Video Creator


Discord Mod






Guerilla Marketing


Socials & Articles


Operations & Marketing





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