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Project Migration

Project Migration

Project Migration is a service allowing NFT project owners to migrate their project from traditional marketplace storefronts or from an old outdated contract to a new, robust and audited contract. Our amazing dev team customizes a new smart contract tailored to your needs and create a customizable dapp allowing a project's holders to migrate their current NFTs over to the new contract giving holders an exact copy of their NFT with exact traits. Migration is near instant and affordable with super low gas saving contracts in place. The direction forward is endless with possibilities of additional collections, variations, trait changes and more depending on what the founder/ team decides. Our goal is to ensure the investors can keep their dream alive knowing the NFTs they purchased will remain in an active collection for years to come. The process can take as quick as a couple of days from discussion to migration ensuring that momentum of a project is kept and built upon. Contact us to discuss an NFT Migration Service by sending us an email or using the contact us section of this website.

Project Migration Pricing

Project Migration Cost

  • $5k USD for general public.
  • $3k USD for Aura Member NFT holders or Project Partners.

Projects with multiple contracts

  • Add an extra $1k USD or $1.5k USD for general public.

Note: Services on ETH network do have additional Gas Fees as per Gas at time of service required. Services on BTC network do have additional Gas Fees as per Gas at time of service required. Services on other chains do not have an additional Gas Fee. $300 asset hosting fee for 12 months of asset hosting. $200 server fee for 12 months migration dapp hosting.

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