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Rug Rescues



Rug Rescue is a service allowing NFT communities to take back control of a project they invested into and the founders have left it for dead. We do our own due diligence surrounding a nominated project to ensure certain criteria are met and the project has in fact been rugged. Once satisfied we offer communities the ability to have total control over where the project goes moving forward. Our amazing dev team set a community up with a new contract and have created a customizable dapp allowing holders to migrate their current rugged NFTs over to the new community controlled contract giving holders an exact copy of their NFT with exact traits. Migration is near instant and affordable. The community needs to be highly active to support the new venture and it is advisable to start a new discord, twitter and potentially rename the project but not essential. The direction forward is endless with possibilities of additional collections, variations, trait changes and more depending on what the community decides. We utilize our experience and professionalism to rescue rugged NFT projects where the owners just dont have the time or passion for them anymore. Our goal is to ensure the investors can keep their dream alive of making a profit on their investment and knowing the NFTs they purchased will remain in an active collection for years to come. The process can take as quick as a couple of days from discussion to community migration ensuring that momentum a project has is kept and built upon. Contact us to discuss an NFT Rug Rescue by sending us an email or using the contact us section of this website.

Timeframe: As required

Price: TBD

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